At the foot of the Maures Mountains, at the west part of the Côtes de Provence, the Château de la  Coulerette. On a small hill, the vineyard exposes its branches, south facing to the bay of the Levant, and dipping to the Mediterranea near Port-Cros and Porquerolles.


Chateau de la Coulerette, meaning "little coulet" in Provençal was acquired by Gabriel Meffre in 1969 and concentrates within itself the source of the Maures. Taken in 1990 by his daughter Sylvette Brechet, assisted by his two son Laurent and Julien, it has old vines deeply rooted, ranging draw strength and force in the stony clay soil, especially in times of drought.

art of the vast vineyard of 60 Ha benefited from the new denominaion Cru "La Londe".

Terroir & varietals:

The presence of schist and quartz gives Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Rolle and Ugni Blanc all their typicity. The vines are trellised, culture is traditional but reasoned: disbudding, green harvest, plowing ... This allows to limit treatments, reduce erosion, stimulate microbial activity and aerate the soil. The vine will be even stronger and thus give the authentic expression of this specific terroir.

Vinification and aging:

The harvest is mechanical, and therefore faster to preserve the freshness of the grapes. The cellar is equipped with sophisticated equipment of last generation: pneumatic press, chiller ... The different varieties are vinified separately and then assembled in late January for a six-month breeding cement vats until the bottling of three colors. Fine wines, silky, elegant and generous that express all the knowledge of the Brechet family, which reveal the power and authenticity of the terroir.


Coulerette Rosé "VP" - Grenache 50% - 50% CINSAULT. A fresh and easy drinking rosé to enjoy, pale color, very typical of Provence.

Coulerette Rosé - 40% Grenache - CINSAULT 40% - 20% Syrah. A distinguished and generous rosé, where style "Provence" is there, although complemented by a nice roundness.

Elixir Cuvée Rosé - Grenache 55% - 35% CINSAULT - FULL 10%. The top cuvee of the estate in rosé, elegant and suave style. A gastronomic rosé, with finesse and tension. Classified Cru "La Londe"

Coulerette Red - Grenache 60% - 20% CINSAULT - Syrah 20%. A red fine, silky and supple, with a clean and delicious fruit.

Coulerette Rouge "La Londe" - Grenache 70% - Syrah 30%. A more generous red, grapes picked at full maturity on old vines.