Last of the family estates, Le Plateau des Chênes is located on the best terroirs of the appellation Lirac. Thanks to Laurent Bréchet, the family started to grow this vineyard in 2010. Lirac is still unknown as a cru, but represents one of the up and coming terroirs of tomorrow.

The vineyard is driven by the Vaudieu's team, who is in charge of the winegrowing. The grapes are vinified in our cellars in Châteauneuf du pape.

Terroir :

Le plateau des chênes is the eponymous name of a former bed of the Rhône river, composed by colluvions from the quaternary era, red clays, sands of the Pliocène and quartzites round pebbles. A nearly twin soil of Châteauneuf du pape. The two are only separated by several kilometers and the Rhône...

Grape varieties :

Syrah represents about 50% of the vineyard, and expresses perfectly its character on these fresh terroirs. Grenache and Cinsault complete.

The winery produces a small amount of white, where we find the local varieties such as Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Clairette.

Vinification and ageing:

Red grapes are de-stemmed and crushed to 100%, and then conveyed into vats thermo regulated of stainless steel. The temperature is maintained at around 25 ° C during alcoholic fermentation. The maceration time is about 20 days, during which, dayly pumping overs are made in consultation with the oenologist Philippe CAMBIE.

Then the wine is put directly into barrels and demi-muids of 1 and 2 wines, to conduct its malolactic fermentation. This ageing lasts about 9 months.

For whites, the grapes are gently pressed. The musts are selected and sent to stainless steel tanks, thermo-regulated by flags. After cold settling, alcoholic fermentation takes place between 18 ° and 22 ° C, and the wines are aged in Demi-muids of 600L.

Wines :

Le plateau des Chênes Rouge- 60% Syrah - 40% Grenache- Our interpretation of the beautiful soil of Lirac. Featuring an intense purple color, this wine develops powerful black fruit aromas and a slight hint of smoke and spice.

Le plateau des Chênes Blanc - 60% Grenache Blanc - 20% Roussane - 20% Clairette - A fresh and mineral white, staying a few months in barrels of 600L.